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The SoB Report

updated 10/3/99

Oct. 3

Added some solo pics forwarded to me by Bob Bell

Sept. 17

Fixed the links on the team index page so that they point to this year's pictures instead of last year's.

Sept. 15

Have posted all the digital pictures and the voting booth is now officially open. Peruse the pictures, then cast your vote!

Sept. 8

Sculptors are still arriving from everywhere.... it's like a class reunion where only the cool people bother to show up.

I find that my AT&T 1-800 number doesn't work from here and have no idea how/when I will be able to connect.... but I plan to be ready when I get it figured out. I still have two more days before the solo contest starts and may not have time to update much after that.

As there is only one two-person team entered, (Rich Varano & Bill Dow), they pretty much have the beach to themselves.



party button

Below is the picture they posed for...

To the right is what they went back to doing when they thought my back was turned.


amazin jeny

Above: Amazin' Walter gives some pointers to the sculptor from down under - Jenny Rossen of Perth.

Right: me, Jenny and Brandi with shades -- below: no shades.




Update 9/9/99

Even as I write this, Bert (left) and Sally (below) are busy staking off plots for the solo contest which starts tomorrow. More sculptors arriving by the moment. Spectators too! This town is really coming alive..

I have started posting shots of some of the team entries and will try to get more up every day - but I start competing tomorrow and might get a little busy- please be patient, okay? Will get everyone up eventually!!! - sf


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