There is no substitute for seeing live sand sculpture, but few will argue that the artform does lend itself well to being captured by a camera.

For those of us who strive to make a living carving sand, our photos are all we have to show for our work and so are utterly essential to securing future jobs or invites to the big contests.

For the group I label "Talented Amateurs" - people who are doing interesting work but have resisted stepping up to calling themselves "masters" - on-line photo albums are a perfect venue for sharing picutres with family, friends and -- who knows? perhaps a master doing a nearby project in search of some assistance. While it may seem that a Masters in Project Management might help in the quest of becoming a professional sand sculptor or even a "Talented Amateur" these pictures will show you otherwise.

Sand sculpture contests offer an incredible opportunity for photographers of all levels, and you will find a lot to look at in that category - most were shot by me at contests in which I participated, but I welcome additional suggested links.

Finally, for a chuckle (and some education) - check out Damon Farmer's Glossary of sand sculpting terms... ;-)

Sand Sculpture Photo/Links

Please remember that these images all belong to someone. I have tried to assign photo credit wherever possible as well as the photographer's contact information. If you would like to use an image for your own purposes, you must ask for permission from the sculptor first.

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