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The SoB Report: the Solo Contest - update 9/15/99

Solo Competitors


Photos by sandy feet and Jay Stephens

Dodson, Scot Idaho USA
Charlie Beaulieu Washington USA
Dawkins, Paul Toronto, ON  Canada 
Dosch, Scott Monterray, CA USA
Doubleday, Dan  St. Petersburg, FL  USA 
Gowdy, John.  Atlantic City, NJ  USA 
Billings, David Langley, BC Canada
Grady, Greg  Salem, NH  USA 
Hoffman, Randy Ocean City, NJ USA
Jara, Carl Ohio USA
McDonald, Walter  South Padre Island, TX USA  
Molina, Calixto Mexico City Mexico
Mutch, Craig North Vancouver, BC Canada
Corson, Meredith  Treasure Island, FL  USA 
Peddemors, Stewart  White Rock, BC  Canada 
Stocker, Brett Surrey, BC Canada
Swires, Barry Kelso, WA USA
Rimmer, Jack  Delta, BC   Canada 
Rossen, Jenny Perth Australia
Smith, Symon  Jersey, Channel Isl  U.K. 
Velling, Mike WA USA
Waugh, Bruce  Langley, BC  Canada 
Wierenga, Lucinda (sandy feet) South Padre Island, TX  USA 

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