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The SoB Report: the Team Contest - Update 9/17/99

Update 9/17 - Just had it pointed out to me that some of these links were pointing to last year's pics. They have been updated and now link to the more recent photos. Ooops.

Registered Teams:

Name  Size 
Sultans of Sand, Rich Varano, Orlando, FL & Bill Dow, Billings MT

Slow Kids At Play, Oakland, California

Dutch Alternative Team, Edwin Spaan, Amsterdam.

Scattergrains, Kali Bradford, Bellingham, WA

Team Russia, Viktor Tchernyshev, Moscow

"In-Japan", Kagoshima, Japan

Sandscapes, Los Osos, CA

Sandboxers, Mike Hearst, Victoria, BC 

Orbital Sanders, Ken Large, Seattle, WA



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