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The SoB Report

updated 9/23/98

Update 9/23/98: Just posted the team photos - big apologies to the teams with no/inadequate photos. All those that we shot were on my HD when it was stolen. I was able to supplement with some pictures shot by Stewert Peddemors (thanks Stew!) but we could use more. If you got some good shots of the team entries, we would really appreciate you forwarding them to us (electronically preferred but if you want to trust us with your prints, go for it!)

This is hard work!

I'm not sure when I thought I was going to have all this time to a) build my contest entry, b) socialize with all these great sculptors, c) update web pages with pictures, d) write insightful commentary to accompany them

First problem: no phone connection in the motel room. Second problem: my EUnet dial-up access does not work in Canada. Third problem: when I finally did manage to connect using a local dial-up, my browser and e-mail programs failed to work with it, though I could apparently ftp with no problem. Thus, I was able to upload files/pictures but could not see what they looked like once I got them there -- nor could I respond to input from net surfers. Fourth problem: While we were taking in the sites in Vancouver, after the contest, some gnarly knave broke into our rental car and relieved it of my computer bag and Amazin's camera bag -- about $5000 worth of uninsured equipment gone forever. All of the photos shot by Laurie were already on the hardrive so the only ones I still have are those that got uploaded to the server.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, we feel stupid.




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