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The SoB Report: the Team Contest

Registered Teams:

Name  Size  Start Date 
*Sultans of Sand, Leonardo Ugolini & Richard Varano. Italy & USA 

Wed, Sept 9 
*Sand Chaman, Manon Cloutier, Montreal, Quebec 

Wed, Sept 9 
*Team Lumihukat, Marika Tormikoski, Finland 

Thur, Sept 10 
*Teachers, Katsutomo Nishi, Kagoshima, Japan 

Thur, Sept 10 
Scattergrains, Kali Bradford, Bellingham, WA 

Thur, Sept 10 
*Dutch Alternative Team, Edwin Spaan, Amsterdam. 

Thur, Sept 10 
*Sandsations, Thomas King, Vista, CA 

Thur, Sept 10 
Sandscapes, Kevin Crawford, Los Osos, CA 

Fri, Sept 11 
Team Russia, Viktor Tchernyshev, Moscow 

Fri, Sept 11 
Hard Sand Cafe, Mike Velling, Seattle, WA 

Fri. Sept 11 
Sandboxers, Mike Hearst, Victoria, BC 

Sat, Sept 12 
Orbital Sanders, Ken Large, Seattle, WA 

Sat, Sept 12 

* First-Time here.


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