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South Padre Island 10th Annual Sand Castle Days

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Saturday, Oct. 18

Red Tide GONE! Weather gorgeous! Miracles do happen!

Left: Kirk Rademacher's piece gave the masters' event a new twist

Below: Local sculptors Jason Lester and Steve "DuneHead" Mutter work on the piece that would win them the 1997 Texas State Championship title

Above: mark Lambkin & Danny Dever of the San Marcos Suns create a timely piece about paparazzi...

Left: Jay Steven of "The Baech Buddies" from Dallas constructs a piece entitled "Up a Creek"

Below: "Mystic Palace"

 Left: Dan Belcher works on "Pumpkin Patch"

Below: The Spi "Bees" won 2nd place in the Youth/Secondary category with "Submarine"

Above: Noe and his team tfrom the SPI Holiday Inn created a cool castle

Right: Paul Dawkins had a beautiful piece featuring the Native American leader Tecumsah going. An unfortunate collapse the next day forced him to relocate the head

Below: Martha Ashton & Co. came all the way from Pasadena to participate in this year's contest. Their "Texas Pets" took 3rd place in the Adult/Family Team category

Right: Mike Lewis of McAllen won first place in the solo category with his tribute to John Denver (piece shown incomplete)




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