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South Padre Island 10th Annual Sand Castle Days

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Above: Kali's mermaid -- One of our contributors asked that somewher on the sculpture there be a "mermaid with breasts." Here she is.

Left: Tom's demented Neptune, DuneHead's Dogfish and Steve Spencer's bearded dude

Below: The sea creature bar scene, created by Adelaide, Jason, Dave, Javier and maybe some other people I don't know about....

Tues., Oct. 21 - 2 p.m.

Our first attempt with a group-build went very well - all things considered. We went the full 24 hours and have a zip disk full of photos shot at 5 minute intervals. It makes a really cool slide show! Though it may take a while for sandy feet to come up with an animation from it all.

The phots on this page were shot by Dennis Barrett & Amazin' Walter when the project was finished.

Participating sculptors include:

  • Kali Bradford
  • Dan Belcher
  • Rich Varano
  • Barry Swires
  • Javier from San Diego
  • Dave from San Diego
  • Amazin' Walter
  • sandy feet
  • Dennis Barrett
  • Adelaide Bennet
  • Jason Lester
  • Steve "Dunehead" Mutter
  • Tom ?
  • Iris Hernandez
  • Josh Bradford
  • Jay Stevens
  • Nita Stevens
  • Steve Spencer

Other People Instrumental to this Project's Success

  • Laurie Gaudi
  • Jerry Boehm (and his colleagues in Kansas City)
  • Geoff & Meg Clifton and KESO (92.7 FM)
  • All the bartenders at Boomie's
  • (Surfer) Jim

Left: Barry & Rich completed the dolphin-riding barracuda

Above: sandy feet's small seaweed/fish contribution

Below: Jay & Nita's mantaray

Above Left: Dan's shark-riding frog

Above Right: Detail of Dunehead's dogfish - a crowd favorite

Left: Seahorse and hooktail with eel emerging

Below: The finished project from approximately the same angle as the interval shots

I will be weeding through those shots in the very near future with the goal of creating an animated gif from them that will capture the whole 24 hours of the event - start to finish. Be watching here for its unveiling! -sf

that's all for now!


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