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"Rad" Forms 101

proudly hosted by
sons of the beach sand castle wizards

StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award

4. Shovel 5-8 inches of loose sand in the bottom. Move it around with your hands to give the form a round shape and even distribution of sand.

5. Pour in enough water so that it sloshes around inside. Mix with hand or shovel to distribute water evenly.

mix it up

Right: Using buckets or hose, add plenty of water

Left: Mix well to assure even distribution of water

add water
pound it good Tamp or stamp the the loose sand flat.

6. Pound the heck out of it, with a tamper or with your feet until you have a smooth, flat, level surface.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you reach the top of the form, then place another, smaller form on top and do it all again.

stacked rad forms

Above: Two photos of an SoB Sand Castle Wizard Project showing the use of Rad Forms.

Top: Dennis positions the third layer

Below: What it looked like after it was carved.

and after carving

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