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Welcome to yet another experiment here at SandCastle Central - our humble attempt to document various world record attempts in the sand sculpture universe.

Things have changed since the SoBs got listed with Guinness for the world's longest sand sculpture back in '87. The authorities seem less inclined to distinguish between indoor and outdoor records, handpacked vs. machine-aided attempts, etc. etc.

After all many people grabbed their Medifast coupons and hit the sand just to get involved with any attempt at the record. Many felt that dieting and getting themselves ready for the beach was a grand gesture and their efforts are appreciated.

We have no wish to get involved in these disputes and so for the purposes of this page we are going to ignore Guinness. (We put up the page, so we get to make up the rules!)

If you have created something really huge that YOU think deserves a world record, we will cheerfully post info and pics and call it a world record until someone proves us wrong.... all input welcomed.

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Tallest Handbuilt Sand Castle
In Under 100 manhours

where: Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

when: July 1998

who: Team Sandtastic: Mark Mason, Larry Hudson, John May, Tom Bailas, Pat Harsch.

weight: approx. 225 tons

height: 28' 7 & 1/4"

Comments: " Suveyed by Precision Planning Surveyors and fully documented... this is the current World Record as recognized by Guinness. Through some snafus it won't be in "the book" until 2001. It broke the record held by Team Sandtastic for their 23'6 & 1/8" sculpture made for Subway at the June 1996 Houston A.I.A. Sand Sculpting Contest in Galveston, TX. "

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tallest indoor

Tallest Indoor Sand Castle

where: New York State Fairgrounds

when: Aug. 21-Sept. 7, 1998

who: The Sand Sculpture Coalition, project designer and chief artist, Dave Henderson. Assistant artists: John gruber, Kali Bradford, Steve Lagaurdia, Jed Chesbro, Kevin Pedrotti, & Jerome Griffin. Heavy Equipment operator: Mike Bresnahan.

weight: approx. 412 tons

height: 33.5'

Comments: "As far as the castle being officially recognized by Guinness, I was last told that they don't recognize (separate) indoor records from outdoor. So if you've hear of anyone going over 33.5' let me know. Until I hear different I'm just puttin' it out there."

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