World Championship Doubles 09/01

photos by sandy feet

1st - Dan Doubleday and Meredith Corson (USA)
2nd and Peoples Choice - Paul Dawkins and John Gowdy (Canada and USA)
3rd - Michael Velling and Rocky Corser (Canada)
Best Handpacked - Kirk Rademaker and sandy feet (USA)
Best Architecture - Amazin' Walter and Steve Mutter (USA)

1danmer 2johnpaul 3mikerocky 4kirkfeet 4kirkfeetdetail
1danmer.jpg 2johnpaul.jpg 3mikerocky.jpg 4kirkfeet.jpg 4kirkfeetdetail.jpg
5waltsteve carlbrett guycali michelmarc patjoe
5waltsteve.jpg carlbrett.jpg guycali.jpg michelmarc.jpg patjoe.jpg

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