World Championship '00 - Solo Category

photos by sandy feet

Contest Results:

1st - Dan Doubleday
2nd - Michael Velling
3rd - Bill Dow
4th - Meredith Corson
5th - Brandi Glenn
Peoples Choice - Scott Dodson
Architecture - Charlie Beaulieu
Handstacked - Calixto Molinas
Sculptors' Choice - Carl Jara


There were 29 entries in the solo division this year and my digital camera batteries weren't holding a charge. That is why these pages do not include photos of all the entries. Instead I have exercised my rights as site author and just posted pictures of the entries that won or placed and some of my own favorites. My apologies to those who are disappointed not to find their pieces here.

Team Category

1stdandoubleday 2ndmichaelvelling 3rdbilldow 4thmeredithcorson 5thbrandiglenn
1stdandoubleday.jpg 2ndmichaelvellin... 3rdbilldow.jpg 4thmeredithcorso... 5thbrandiglenn.jpg
amazinwalter barryswires calixto carljara charliebeaulieu
amazinwalter.jpg barryswires.jpg calixto.jpg carljara.jpg charliebeaulieu.jpg
guydragon kirkdetail kirkrademaker marika maryklein
guydragon.jpg kirkdetail.jpg kirkrademaker.jpg marika.jpg maryklein.jpg
sandyfeetlife sandyfeetstill scottdodson scottdosch
sandyfeetlife.jpg sandyfeetstill.jpg scottdodson.jpg scottdosch.jpg

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