Quebec ExpoCite Competition 8/01

photos by sandy feet

1st - John Gowdy and Matt Deibert (USA)
2nd and Peoples Choice - Pavel Zadaniouk and Alex Diakov (Russia)
3rd and Sculptors Choice - Fred Dodd and Dan Belcher (USA)

Also Rans

Castle in the Sky - Jill Smith and Greg LeBon (USA)
"The Jazz Club" - Lars and Thomas (Holland)
Aliens - Marika and Kai (Finland)
"I am Beautiful" - Paul Dawkins and Siggy (Canada)
"Pop!" - Kirk Radmaker and sandy feet (USA)
"Sante!" - Meredith Corson and Dan Doubleday (USA)
"Yin Yang" - Richard Varano and Leonardo Ugolini (USA and Italy)

1strescue 2ndrussian 3rdmusketeers1 3rdmusketeers2 aftercollapse
1strescue.jpg 2ndrussian.jpg 3rdmusketeers1.jpg 3rdmusketeers2.jpg aftercollapse.jpg
dutch finland iambeautiful pop popdetail
dutch.jpg finland.jpg iambeautiful.jpg pop.jpg popdetail.jpg
sante yinyang
sante.jpg yinyang.jpg

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