ExpoCite Quebec 2000 - Team & Demo

photos by sandy feet


1st - Rich Varano and Leonardo Ugolini
2nd - Dan Doubleday and Meredith Corson
3rd - John Gowdy and Matt
Sculptors' Choice - Leonardo Ugolini
Peoples Choice - Rich and Leonardo

Demo Sculpture by Michele and Marc LePire

demo1 demo2 jillthomas joealec johnmatt
demo1.jpg demo2.jpg jillthomas.jpg joealec.jpg johnmatt.jpg
karengreg2 kirkfeet meredithdan meredithdan1 paulbob1
karengreg2.jpg kirkfeet.jpg meredithdan.jpg meredithdan1.jpg paulbob1.jpg
paulbob2 quebecteam richleo russian1
paulbob2.jpg quebecteam.jpg richleo.jpg russian1.jpg

Quebec 2000 Solo Photos

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