Hampton Beach Masters Competition

photos by sandy feet

What a great first event! Can I come back next year pretty please????

1st - Dan Doubleday (carpenters)
2nd - Carl Jara (our mother cries)
3rd - Michel Lepire (frog palace)
4th - John Gowdy (sandancers)
5th - marc lepire (survivors)
peoples choice - Michel Lepire
sculptors choice - Carl Jara

Also rans:

John Gruber - Everyone Loves a Sand Castle

Justin Gordon - Princess

sandy feet - Fountain

Meredith Corson - Express Yourself

Tom Morrison - Cindy's Castle

carpenters cindy coppertonegirl cowboy dan dancers
carpenters.jpg cindy.jpg coppertonegirl.jpg cowboy.jpg dan.jpg dancers.jpg
dave1 dave2 demo1 demo2 demolaurie everyoneloves
dave1.jpg dave2.jpg demo1.jpg demo2.jpg demolaurie.jpg everyoneloves.jpg
express fountain frogpalace greghi1 gregrocks gruber
express.jpg fountain.jpg frogpalace.jpg greghi1.jpg gregrocks.jpg gruber.jpg
gruberrocks justins1 marc meredith1 michels mother
gruberrocks.jpg justins1.jpg marc.jpg meredith1.jpg michels.jpg mother.jpg
mountedcops ourmother princess sandance sideviewmirror surfers
mountedcops.jpg ourmother.jpg princess.jpg sandance.jpg sideviewmirror.jpg surfers.jpg
survivor texas tom1 tour towerrepair traffic
survivor.jpg texas.jpg tom1.jpg tour.jpg towerrepair.jpg traffic.jpg

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