Al & Rich  A who's who of sandcastlers put in some hours on this one. Organized by members of the winningest team in pro sandsculpture, "Sandscapes", the list of participating sculptors is a long one:
  • Kevin Crawford
  • Rich Varano
  • Damon Farmer
  • Gina Crawford
  • Kegan Crawford
  • Brad Goll
  • Kathy (?)
  • Bill Dow
  • Freddie Dobbs
  • Al Matsumoto
  • Dave Henderson
  • Michael Velling
  • Dan Belcher
  • Greg Glenn
  • Brandy Glenn
  • sandy feet (barely)

(please correct me if I've excluded anyone!)

Above: Al & Rich seperate the sand from the foam


The massive yet intricately carved sculpture was masterminded by master sculptor Kevin Crawford of Los Osos, CA, pictured here at work on a logo wall.

The sculptor utilized foam bases for the work's larger elements, reducing the necessary volume of sand by... a whole bunch.


tuba guys

Above: Mike Velling of Washington

Bill Dow  < Bill Dow, of Billings Montana, likes to talk to the spectators. Here he expounds on one of his favorite tools... ("it's NOT a straw... straws suck.")

speak, Bill!


And this is me, stealing a few minutes of glory, basking in the talent around me, and leaving behind a few flowers to be remembered by.


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