The Lost City of Atlantis -- World Record Attempt 8/97

Sculptors: Gerry Kirk and an international crew

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Credit John "Cowboy" Gowdy with this summation of what happens when bunch of rowdy sandsculptor types convene....

The Lost City of Atlantis project proved no exception to the rule - in fact, organizers acquired an extra room (the notorious "101" just for that purpose - and I took it upon myself to document the ones that I participated in:

The Tattoo Party

The Press Party

The Irish Pub Party

The Balloon Hat (Birthday) Party

The Padres Party

The On-Going Party

Staying at the budget Inn with about a hundred other sand sculptors from all over the world is a lot like being in a college dormatory. These are pictures from my first night in town... as usual there was a party in Joe Maize's room.


joe and brett's door

The exterior of Joe & Brett's room gives the casual onlooker some idea of what is going on inside.

Left: This is my roomie, Jill Smith of Melbourne, Florida, kicking back in her red silk pj's.

Below: George serves up a round of kamis




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