The Lost City of Atlantis -- World Record Attempt 8/97

Sculptors: Gerry Kirk and an international crew

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picture wall

Viktor the Russian posted these photos taken at last year's world championship on the crew tent wall

Tom filling up
I can't explain it but there seems to be some kind of mystical connection between sand sculptors and water balloons.

Joe Maize provided the ingredients. Left, Tom loads the ammo. Below left pictures the windup followed by the release. As one may observe, sometimes the balloon bursts before it is properly out of the shoot....

the windup

pippiThe picture kind of sucks but Edith made a great Pippi Longstocking. feet with laptopHere's me hard at work on my laptop (photo courtesy of Mark Burgess, event webmaster). Static in the phone lines at the Budget Inn forced me to take my computer to the site if I wanted to check my e-mail.

sob pledge

Here I am administering the Sons of the Beach Pledge

No one needed to explain the concept of "siesta" to these Europeans.


Say Hello, Viktor!



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